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Selected Discography

Original work


Kevin McKay "What U Want" (incl J Paul Getto Remix) (Glasgow Underground) [2016]

Kevin McKay "What You Gonna Do (incl Kaiserdisco remix) (Glasgow Underground) [2016]

Romanthony, Freeform Five & Kevin McKay "Trust" (Toolroom/Glasgow Underground) [2015]

Kevin McKay "Check It" (Toolroom) [2015]

Kevin McKay "Handz Clappin'" (Noir Music) [2014]

Kevin McKay "Goin' Freak" / "Club Trax" (OFF Recordings) [2014]

Kevin McKay "Baby Come To Me" (Glasgow Underground) [2013]

Kevin McKay "Ease Your Pain" (Congaloid) [2013]

Kevin McKay & Phil Kelsey "Best Things In Life Are Free" / "Love Games" (Glasgow Underground) [2013]
Kevin McKay "The Rushes" (Glasgow Underground) [2012]

Kevin McKay "Body Talk" (Glasgow Underground) [2011]

Linus Loves "Stage Invader" (album) (Breastfed) [2006]

Linus Loves "Night Music" (Breastfed) [2005]
Linus Loves "The Love EP" (Discfunction) [2004]

Linus Loves "The Terrace" / "Stand Back" (Breastfed / Ministry of Sound) [2003 - UK Chart Number 32]

Brian Macblade "The Slice Of Brian" (Noid) [2003]

Modem "Wannado" (Glasgow Underground) [2002] 

Kevin McKay "Freak Action" (Under The Counter) [2001]

Kevin McKay "Don't Turn Your Back On Me" (Under The Counter) [1999]
Muzique Tropique "Phasers Set To Funk" / "Midnight In Atlantis" (Glasgow Underground) [1998]

Studio Blue "Just A Mood" / "Shona's Song" (Glasgow Underground) [1997]

Muzique Tropique "Collection" (album) (Glasgow Underground( [1997]

Urban Revolution "Gospel Song" / "Back 2 Black" (Muzique Tropique) [1996]

West Coast Connection "Voodoo Rhhythm" (Muzique Tropique) [1995]

4AM "Prelude To The Storm EP" (Muzique Tropique) [1994]



Illyus & Barrientos feat. Max Marshall "Chase Your Trip" (Kevin McKay Remix) (Toolroom/Glasgow Underground) [2015]

Stefan Obermaier "Sinaye" (Kevin McKay Remix) (Toolroom/Glasgow Underground) [2015]

Dope Dog "Keep House Unda'ground" (Kevin McKay Remix) (Glasgow Underground) [2015]

Ovr Kill "Serve It Cold (Kevin McKay Remix)" (Toolroom/Glasgow Underground) [2015]

Solaris Heights "Nightfall" (Kevin McKay Remix) Toolroom/Glasgow Underground) [2015]

Solaris Heights "Together" (Kevin McKay Remix) Glasgow Underground [2015]

EdOne & Bodden "I Can't Feel" (Kevin McKay Remix) (Toolroom/Glasgow Underground) [2015]

Piemont "Like That" (Kevin McKay Remix) (Toolroom/Glasgow Underground) [2015]

Brett Gould "Don't Know Why" (Kevin McKay Edit) (Toolroom/Glasgow Underground) [2015]

Romanthony "Floorpiece" (Kevin McKay Remix/Dub) (Glasgow Underground) [2014]

Romanthony "Trust" (Freeform Five & Kevin McKay Reform) (Glasgow underground) [2013]

Romanthony "Ministry of Love" (Kevin McKay Remixes) (Glasgow Underground) [2013]

Brett Gould "Pebbles" (Kevin McKay Remix) (Wildlife) [2013]

Freeform Five featuring Juldeh Camara "Weltareh" ( Weltareh (Freeform Five & Kevin McKay Reform) (Eskimo) [2013]

Franky Redente "What U Want" (Kevin McKay Edit) (Glasgow Underground) [2012]

Tatoine "Sometimes" (Kevin McKay Remix) (Repressure) [2012]

Mash "Somebody's Property" (Kevin McKay Remix) (Repressure) [2011]

Dada Life "Vote Yes" (Zones Remixes) (Prestel) [2007]

Flat Pack "Sweet Child of Mine" (Linus Loves Remix) (Breastfed) [2005]

Rekindle "Ice Skating Girl" (Linus Loves Remix) (Output) [2004]

Williams "Love Crisis" (Kevin McKay Remixes) (Glasgow Underground) [2003]

Romanthony & DJ Predator "Music Mind" (Kevin's DJ Groove) (Glasgow Underground) [2002]

Mateo & Matos "The Real Thing" (Kevin's Heavy Dub Mix) (Glasgow Underground) [2001]

Jii Hoo "Let Me Luv U" (Muzique Tropiques In Love Remix) (FComm) [2000]

Airfix "Stir Fry" (Daniel Ibbotson & Kevin McKay's Skansen Anthem Mix) (Glasgow Underground) [1999]

Larry Heard "I Know That Its You" (Muzique Tropique Remix) (Distance) [1998]

Overview "Work it Out" (Muzique Tropique Remix) (DiY Discs) [1997]

Dubtribe Sound System "We used to dance" (Muzique Tropique's Glasgow Funk Mix) (Imperial Dub Recordings) [1997]

Two Lone Swordsmen "Rico's Helly" (Musique Tropique Remix) (Emissions Audio Output) [1996]


Production & Mix credits


Small Pyramids "Slow it Down" (album) (Glasgow Underground) [2013]

Barrientos "Feel The Waves EP" (Glasgow Underground) [2013]

Small Pyramids "I Want Blood EP" (Glasgow Underground) [2011]

Grum "Heartbeats" (Worship Remix) (Heartbeats) [2009]

Grum "Heartbeats" (Weird Tapes Remix) (Heartbeats) [2009]

Cobra Dukes "Airtight" (Prestel) [2008]

Cobra Dukes "Leave The Light On" (Prestel) [2007]

Mylo featuring Freeform Five "Muscle Car" (Breastfed) [2006 - UK Chart No. 38]

Mylo vs Miami Sound Machine "Doctor Pressure" (Breastfed) [2005 - UK Chart No. 3]

Mylo "In My Arms" (Breastfed) [2005 - UK Chart No. 13]

Mylo "Destroy Rock & Roll" (Single) (Breastfed) [2005 - UK Chart No. 15]

Mylo "Drop The Pressure" (Breastfed) [2004 - UK Chart No. 19]

Mylo "Destroy Rock & Roll" (Album) (Breastfed) [2004 - UK Platinum - Highest Chart No. 26]


DJ Mixes (released)


Glasgow Underground Miami 2016 (Toolroom Longplayer) [2016]

Glasgow Underground 2015 (Toolroom Longplayer) [2015]

Glasgow Underground Amsterdam 2015 (Toolroom Longplayer) [2015]

Glasgow Underground Ibiza 2015 (Toolroom Longplayer) [2015]

Glasgow Underground Miami 2015 (Toolroom Longplayer) [2015]

Glasgow Underground 97:07 (Toolroom Longplayer) [2015]

Glasgow Underground 2014 (Toolroom Longplayer) [2014]

Glasgow Underground Volume 6 [2004]

Glasgow Underground Volume 5 [2002]

Glasgow Underground Volume 4 [2001]

Summer Breeze, Muzik Magazine [2001]

Glasgow Underground Volume 3 [2000]

Glasgow Underground Volume 2 [1999]



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